Fixture Department Case Study…

At Fixture Department we manufacture complex retail display components from all around the world. We live and breathe with our supplier base to offer the best possible price points, on time deliveries, and best in class quality. We utilize all types of plastic, metal, wire and fdprintacrylics.

Most recently, we were awarded a very complex fast paced shelf edge extrusion project from one of our clients.

Client Requirements: 

“The shelf edge extrusion needs to hold three signing elements, attach to the c-channel on the shelf, offer non-glare properties and the profile can’t hinder our new pusher system that will occupy the shelf edge. Oh, did I mention we need everything delivered in nine weeks and we are over budget?”

FD Understands Urgency:

Always excited for new opportunities, we started designing immediately. We designed and had a full functioning prototype within 48 hours from the initial client request. 3-D prototypes are a miracle in streamlining our creative opportunities. The design and price was approved and we were in production in China within two weeks from our clients initial request. With creating three separate tools our production timeline was on track and life was good…or so we thought.

Now for the real challenge, production was completed and multiple containers were entering the port in China for export. Unexpectedly, we were hit with the US west coast port strike. Our Fixture Department China team jumped into action with “Plan B”. We were fortunate enough to have relationships at the port which allowed us to retract and divert our freight to a new steamship line and direct our freight into Vancouver, Canada. After arriving in Canada, we contracted three designated trucking teams to transport our project directly into Minneapolis for final delivery. Adapting to this unforeseen bump in the road, allowed us to avoid major congestion on the west coast and still have the ability deliver on time and under budget!

“Our foundation was built on 100 years of retail design and global manufacturing.”

 “We collaborate with our clients to create patents for their fixture exclusivity.”